Valentine’s Day Cards – With a difference

Valentine’s day just around the corner… for those that aren’t counting down the sleeps in excitement, it’s this Saturday!

Note: I am not one of these lovely dovey, “this is my favourite day of the year to get mushy” kinda gals, I’m more of a “treat me like a princess all year round dammit” woman!

So after that power vent… back to matters at hand. With the holiday coming up, you may just be looking for that special card to accompany that over priced gift you have bought your special someone, if so, why not have a bit of fun with your card selection this year and consider one of these:

10. Being normal is overrated

 9. Mushy takes on a whole new meaning

 8. Honesty is the best policy

 7. At least you know you aren’t the most hated

 6. Farting… the ultimate test of one’s love

 5. The new age Jerry Maguire quote

 4. Admit it… we’ve all done this

 3. Search… if you dare…


2. Now THIS is sexy!

 1. The ultimate sacrifice for love!

 Bonus! For all you singletons:

 And the card that I’m hoping I get from my friends:


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