Please read the blog disclaimer below: it covers everything I take full responsibility for, everything I am definitely not taking responsibility for and things that I feel need to be covered to protect the freedom and expression of WriteStyle.

My thoughts, my words, my style

My tag line speaks volumes in terms of the content that is written on this blog. This blog is completely my own, personal, unapologetic and real. My opinions are my own, not those of any of my family members, friends, acquaintances, my aunty’s-uncle’s-cousin’s-niece, or the guy at the café down the street that sells me my “cheer-me-up” hot chocolate for the day. But please know that in no way is my opinion intended to malign any ethnic group, religion, organisation, company or an individual, so please don’t hold me libel for the things that come out of my mouth and onto a blog post that you may find offensive… especially if you happen to have the means, resources or desire to take me to task.

Moreover, the intention of WriteStyle is not to generate money from the posts published on the site. This is just me, expressing myself, in the best way I know how, through my words… that’s it.

Read at your own risk

I hope that you enjoy reading what you see on WriteStyle, but remember… you are entering this blog at your own risk and reading what you see, of your own free will. If what you read translates into anything different (or offensive) in another given language, please note that this is not the intention of WriteStyle and cannot be held responsible for bad grammar or punctuation that may be interpreted differently in various languages. Also note that WriteStyle cannot be held responsible for defamatory statements bound by various governments, religious or other governing rules of your country of origin.

I’m only human

Mistakes are a human attribute that none of us can avoid. Let’s face it, we don’t live in the perfect world, and here’s the shocker, we are flawed and so too are some of the things we say, and write. That being said, I pledge to you dear reader that I will do my best to not make mistakes, grammatically, literally, figuratively or otherwise. But I can’t promise that I won’t come across completely lame, stupid or weird in anyway through the things written about. I am proud of my “uniqueness”, it’s mine, I own it!

Change is coming

Today I feel like eating a Cous Cous salad for lunch, tomorrow I might feel like a burger. However, I will only know tomorrow what my taste buds will be calling for, so it’s always going to be one of those things where change is very much a possibility… Much like the writing on this blog. My opinion and choice today of what is written about might not reflect what I am feeling tomorrow. My appetite might change, current and previous posts may differ in opinion but the quality of what you read never will. That’s a definite promise!

Not for sale

Remember I told you earlier that this blog is all mine, my thoughts, my words, my style? What that really means is that I own the content on the site. What that means for you is that if you like what you are reading, I am more than happy to write new versions of it for you (get in contact with me for my freelance work). HOWEVER, if you choose to do a “copy/paste” and re-publish what I have written, this is what we academics like to call plagiarism. You would literally be stealing from me, so think about it before you do it. My consent is needed on anything that you would like to republish as I hold the copyright on all material posted. And if you were to look at it from a Search Engine point of view… take what I have written and republish it online, you could see yourself being penalised by Search Engines and will be marked as a site that is not authoritative, leaving you with less than favourable rankings – which might not go well for you if you are trying to acquire new readers.

Image approved

The writing will always be the first love on this blog, but a good image accompanying good writing always makes for a more attractive looking post. Some of these images will be ones that I personally have shoot, but keep in mind that they might not be high quality photos, I’m in no way a professional photographer, trust me! You will again be held for copyright infringements if you choose to republish any of these images that have been personally taken by me, without my consent.

Dodgy links

I will always be in control of who I link to externally at the time of publishing a post – and as such, these links would have been checked and correct at time of publishing. Unfortunately due to the nature of external links and the webmasters that host these links, I cannot foresee what the webmasters of these links will do to them – so there might be an instance where if you click on a link from a post on WriteStyle, that the external could be broken (a 404 error), invalid or inaccurate. Whatever the reason, the fault is solely on the external webmaster not WriteStyle. Please do however get in contact with me if this every does occur, the blog post link can then be corrected or deleted.

Speaking of external webmasters, I can’t control who, out there in above mentioned internet land, links through to WriteSyle. Although I would love to have people talking about WriteStyle, people liking what I have written about on this blog and sharing it with all of their friends, there may be times where the links that do point through to WriteStyle are what I like to call dodgy. These I really can’t control and therefore, WriteStyle cannot be held responsible for any inappropriate, vulgar or misleading links these happen to be.

My thoughts and my words

Although I pride myself on the platform that this blog gives me to create, what I write about and how I present myself to you, my valued reader, I also promise you that I will do my best to not knowingly defame, libel or injure anyone with what is posted on the site. If something is posted that you translate into anything offensive or harmful in anyway, please accept my sincerest of apologises now and know that it was not done intentionally, and that I cannot be held responsible in anyway. If your intention is to find insult in some way, where there honestly isn’t any, with what you see on WriteStyle, rather don’t continue on the site and veer more to another site that you deem more suited to your needs.

Money, Money, Money

This isn’t just the title of a classic Abba song. In the website world, it’s something that advertisers and sponsors pay webmasters in order to advertise their products/brands. WriteStyle cannot be held responsible for the actions that any of these advertisers or sponsors take. Meaning that if you choose to click on an advertisers banner or a link on WriteStyle, any issues that may occur from there on out in terms of products or services offered should be directed solely at the company involved, with no involvement from WriteStyle.

However, if you find a review of a certain product, restaurant, brand on this site that I have personally written, know that these reviews are something that I endorse, payment free because I genuinely like them, not because someone has paid me to say such things about them.

Your opinion matters

WriteSyle is not just a “Me, me, me” kind of blog, your opinion is also super important. Why? Because you‘re the one that will be reading the things I post. So go ahead and please leave your comments. I would love to hear your opinion. But please also be so kinds as not to be crude, rude, obscene or abusive to me… remember I said earlier that I’m only human too, I have feelings, so please be kind.

By that same token, all comments left on WriteStyle will be approved first before they are published*, so if you still want to leave not-so-kind comments, unfortunately no one out there in the blog-a-sphere will actually read them thanks to my administrative power…{insert evil laugh}.

Any personal or contact information you submit when leaving a comment will never be re-published or distributed to a third-party without your consent. Your privacy is important to me but please note that WriteSytle cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices of any advertisers or commenters on this the blog.

*once comments are published, in no way can WriteStyle be held responsible for any misinterpretations or unintended meanings you perceive from these comments.

The final word

Last but not least, it’s at my discretion to change the focus of WriteStyle if I so choose, shut the website down, sell it off or even change the terms of its use (the disclaimer).

Thanks for taking the time to read the Disclaimer. Now go on, and conquer the world all you superheroes! … But please do read the blog posts too while you venture onwards and upwards on this journey I like to call life 🙂