I was never good at mathematics, never one to be enthralled by science, but writing, now that was what did interest me. Letting myself get lost in words, creating sentences and paragraphs from thoughts in my mind, this excited me.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to start my own blog, a blog that could let me write my way, my style. I don’t know if I put it down to procrastination, being scared, or the excuse that the real-world crept up on me, that the blog never took off for the longest time. That debate is still up for debate for those that were around to witness this phase.

‘Till one day, I decided enough is enough. I had to get my act together and do something for myself, and create a blog that gave me the freedom to express myself that way I wanted to.

And what is it that makes me, me?

My background in academic linguistics and English, gave my love of writing wings. But my fascination of languages and how they have involved, are distinctive, unique and yet so similar has definitely contributed to my dictionary collection that encases my bookshelves.

And no, alas, my grasp of speaking multiple languages doesn’t range too far – I’m fluent in English, (my great love in life), adequate in Afrikaans, and I dabble in Italian here and there, having taken a good few lessons.

The online world of digital marketing came knocking at my door and I entered into online copywriting. Gaining understanding in the online-sphere meant engaging in SEO, and learning more about social media at the same time. Then entered my prompt into getting serious about blogging, once and for all! All of the above brought me to the point I am at now… with WriteStyle being born, combining my love of words, the English language, writing and social media.

One more tick off the my To Do List, YIPPPEEE! 🙂

I hope you enjoy the time you spend with me, reading about my thoughts on WriteStyle as I do my time writing about it.

And as always, I’d love to hear from you, so get in contact with me, with any questions, queries or comments you may have, or even any freelance writing or editing services you would like done.

Happy reading everyone!



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