Urban Angel Cafe – Bakery, cafe and food store

Urban Angel Cafe, is situated in the Boskruin Office Park, Johannesburg. Finding the place was a bit tricky at first as you have to drive through the Boskruin shopping complex to get to the entrance at the back of the Office Park – we were told that they were waiting on better signage, which would be coming soon. Looking at it from however the outside I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest, but with a hungry belly, I forged ahead…

Urban Angel Cafe - outside

And let me tell you, don’t let the outside fool you! As we stepped inside, we were greeted with the warmest, friendliest of smiles and walked into a little slice of heaven. I say this because the smell of the freshly baked goods presented to you before you get to your tables is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Urban Angel Cafe - baked goods

Oh my, I literally be-lined straight for the table and picked out exactly what I wanted

The space is deceivingly large and offers a unique and personalised collection of books and food on sale as part of the decoration.  The space is clean, non-cluttered and open.

Urban Angel Cafe - decor Urban Angel Cafe - decor

We decided to go for brunch. I love brunch because quite literally, you can have a breakfast if you so choose or a lunch meal if that tickles your fancy a bit more. Either way = food win!

Grilled Chicken, Sweetcorn and Butternut Risotto

I decided to try one of their specials they had at the time, the Grilled Chicken, Sweetcorn and Butternut Risotto, R65

Breakfast Hash Pan

While my friend ordered the Breakfast Hash Pan, R45 (Sauteed Mushrooms, onion and potato cubes, with free range eggs)

Both fantastic options if you I do say so myself. Great presentation, big portions and even better taste.

Again with the smells… the open plan kitchen makes it hard not to be distracted by whats going on in there, especially when you start being lured in by the yummy smells hitting you right in the face (and nose). And honestly, there really wasn’t a heck of a lot of noise coming from the kitchen (staff screaming out orders or anything like that). Even with it being out in the open, you are still able to enjoy a more quite setting.

Urban Angel Cafe - kitchen

More options on the menu include Toasties, all day breakfasts, Burgers, Salads, sides, cafe eating (pork chops, fillet, etc), and beverages like the Sweet and Salty Mocha Latte (made with a dash of sea salt… if you like salt).

Drinks at Urban Angel Cafe

We opted for a Strawberry Milkshake and a Latte

Raw Fruit juice

When you go, try a Raw Fruit Juices, they come in cool Consol jars and are yummy and healthy too. I tried the Refresher: Apple, lime, mint and coconut milk. Mmmm

And as I promised myself, before paying, a quick stop was made to the baked goods table where I was literally (ok, figuratively) drooling over the Cashew Butter and Banana Brownies, Chocolate Brownies and Chocolate Cheesecake. My takeaway was packed up neatly for me, the bill rung up and I was happy as can be with my belly full and my treats for later in hand.

Urban Angel Cafe - Cashew Butter and Banana Brownies Urban Angel Cafe - Chocolate Cheesecake

Considering the fact that this fantastic place has only been open since June of this year, I’m excited to see them grow and gain in popularity, because the owners really do have something special here. The care and attention to detail they put into making fresh, quality food, using locally produce, and most importantly for me, priding themselves on the fact that their food and drink served is free from harmful chemicals, additives or preservatives, makes Urban Angel Cafe a winner!

Urban Angel Cafe - information Urban Angel Cafe - information 2


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