The Santa Shoebox Project

The Santa Shoebox Project

The Santa Shoebox Project collects and distributes gifts during the festive season to underprivileged kiddies throughout South Africa and Namibia, reaching some very remote and rural areas too.

First started back in 2006, a total of 180 boxes were donated, fast forward to 2013, and a record 118,274 were donated.

To date, The Santa Shoebox Project has distributed over 340,000 shoe boxes!

I first heard about The Santa Shoebox Project two years ago through a friend of mine who elatedly told me about her experience and how she had just dropped off her box.

After this, I did my own research on it and promised myself that the next year I would pledge a box and do my part.

My boxes I pledged in 2013

The boxes I pledged in 2013

 How it works:

  • Register at
  • Pledge a box (from 1 September)
  • Pick your dropoff point
  • Select your recipient (you can pick more than one)
  • Decorate and pack your shoebox
  • Drop off your box during National Drop off Week (towards the end of October)

Once you are registered, all the information you need is communicated to you. It’s really simple and lots of fun!

The Santa Shoebox Project

In terms of what you need to pack into the shoe boxes:

  •  Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Bar of soap
  • Wash cloth
  • An outfit of clothing
  • Educational supplies
  • Sweets
  • A toy

Once you register, you are told the name, gender and age of the recipients. The above mentioned essentials like toys and clothing will then need to be given some thought according to the information you are given about the child.

Although you won’t meet your recipient, and will not be given any more personal details, this isn’t stopping you from making the boxes personal, a treasure chest that the child can keep afterwards.

Decorating the box

Decorating the box

Personal letters written to the recipients

Personal letters written to the kids in their boxes.

Thank you letters from the kids

Thank you letters from the kids

Thank you letters from the organisations

Thank you letters from the organisations


Inspirational quotes posted on their Twitter account

  • For the first time this year, a Virtual Box can now be donated, giving international donors a chance to participate.
  • Proudly South African rain ponchos can also now be donated to help kids living in heavy rainfall regions.

The Santa Shoebox Project works with incredible sponsors (PEP, Laser Logistics, Checkers, CTICC and Stor-age), with many other big corporates also getting involved.

The boxes and their recipients

The boxes and their recipients

Getting involved doesn’t only mean having to donate a box:

  • Through an awesome bunch of volunteers, year on year, the organisation handled to a tee. They are always looking for more volunteers, so visit the site to find out how to get involved.
  • Cash donations can also be made via the website.

I loved every minute of it, from going through the pledging process, selecting the boy and girl who would be receiving my boxes, to shopping for all the goodies that would go into each box and then of course the decorating and packing of the boxes.


For more information, click here.

The smiling faces of the kids:

Santa Shoebox kids

Santa Shoebox kids

Santa Shoebox kid

This video also helps spread the Santa Shoebox joy:

 *Images courtesy of The Santa Shoebox Project

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