#GirlBrain – yes, it’s a thing

Before I begin, let me quickly explain the concept of “GirlBrain” and where it originated from:

GirlBrain is something I used to describe my thought processes in the past, and something I have worked hard to try curb. When I chat with friends about this, and explain the concept to them, all have said “ah that’s spot on”, “how true”, “you’re so right” and, and, and. So it got me thinking… this is actually a thing?

But note, I mean this as no disrespect to anybody out there with different views… this is just me, my observations, my dubbed GirlBrain and the effects of said girlbraining



Freaking out!

The mountains out of molehills effect

GirlBrain moments

“Why hasn’t he called me? What’s wrong with me. Do I call him? Or must I just text? If I text what do I say? I don’t want to come across cheap but then I don’t want to be like “oh hey buddy” either?”

“I have eaten like a lil piggy the last two days and haven’t been to gym! OMG, I’m going to get so fat! And it’s bikini season soon. No way am I going on the beach looking like this. I need a new bikini, but what colour? If I get one from that store, will everyone get the same one. How embarrassing.”

“Should I get that pair of shoes? I really like them. But I have a similar pair in black. But these ones are so cute. OMG, what will my boyfriend say? He is going to moan? But then it’s my money, I can do what I want. He isn’t the boss of me. I’m sick of him telling me how I run my life. Why are guys so controlling at times. I’m a 21st century woman. Maybe I should join a feminist movement?”

So can this #GirlBrain be overcome?

Truthfully, I have noooo idea. I have made a concerted effort to not go full GirlBrain as much this year, and follow these steps when I do in fact start girlbraining:

  • Pause
  • Take a deep breath
  • Think about the GirlBrain moment I have just had and assess the situation
  • And come to a conclusion

That conclusion? Most of the time I am indeed over-reacting/over-analysing/being a drama queen over nothing.

And the end result? Walk away, focus on something else and smile.

Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff… that if you’re like me and my apparent girlbrain, these things can be turned into big stuff very quickly! But make sure you make the big things about stuff that actually is really important.

And for all the lads reading this, take note of this… it could definitely help in understanding our overcomplicated GirlBrains slightly 🙂

Do you suffer from GirlBrain? What are your thoughts on it? But careful to not over think it now, lol 😉

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