Foo Fighters coming to South Africa!

The rumour mill in South Africa when it comes to big international acts heading to our shores has always worked overtime. For years, Red Hot Chilli Peppers were coming… Until not too long ago, they actually did arrive!

Same goes for Foo Fighters. They have been playing with our emotions FOR EVER, giving us hope and then breaking our hearts every time Big Concerts or one of the other organisers tell us “big announcement”, “big band announcement”, “watch this space”, etc etc. And then they go and announce The Fray, or the umpteenth Nickelback concert. They build us up, only to knock us down every time.


Foo Fighters actually let the cat out of the bag themselves earlier this morning:

Big Concerts… I do believe you have redeemed yourself


Social media is already going nuts at the news, and I can unequivocally state that the concert WILL sell out and South Africans will be in for the most epic live rock concert of all time!

More details announced at 4pm today.


Foo Fighters South African Tour Dates
Cape Town
Wednesday, 10 December
Saturday, 13 December
Cape Town Stadium
FNB Stadium
Ticket Prices: R395-R960
Ticket Prices: R350 – R1085

Tickets go on sale Thursday, 26 June.

Support acts include local band, BLK JKS and international band, Kaiser Chiefs.

AND, if your week didn’t start off well enough with this E.P.I.C news, Dave Grohl just posted a video “South Africa, We’ve Never Met” that definitely makes me even more excited to see these guys rock out in tee minus 6 months!

Now sing along with me to my all-time favourite:

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