Tutankhamun Exhibition

If you are a bit of a history buff, and more specifically, into all things ancient Egypt, then do yourself a favour and head on over to the Tutankhamun Exhibition at Silverstar Casino. You’ve got ’till 12 April to see it.

Yes the website: http://tut-exhibition.co.za/ has a good few pictures on the exhibition, and yes you can read up more on the history and life of this once great and powerful king beforehand, but the magnitude and scope of this incredible era actually needs to be seen to believed. And well, for some, booking that trip to Egypt to see the real thing might not be possible, this exhibition sure does come a close second.

Having never actually visited Egypt before myself, and never actually reading up much about ancient Egypt as a whole (hangs head in shame), I was blown away at all that the exhibition had to offer, and how real all the replicas looked.

From watching videos on the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter, to displays, information boards and digital tour guides taking you through intricate detail, all in a huge open area, you can easily be swept away by the abundance of knowledge you can soak up, and the visual representation of this incredible time in history.

They say you should give yourself about two hours to meander through the the display but if it wasn’t for the staff actually telling me it was closing time, another two hours could have easily occured, having been completely transfixed at everything I saw around me.

As mentioned, the show closes on 12 April, and it comes highly recommended. I for one have learned so much, and have even more respect for this fascinating era and its people now.

Tutankhamun exhibition Tutankhamun exhibition Tutankhamun exhibition Tutankhamun exhibition Tutankhamun exhibition Tutankhamun exhibition - Rosetta Stone Tutankhamun exhibition Tutankhamun exhibitionMore info:

  • Website: http://tut-exhibition.co.za/
  • Opening hours: Sun-Thurs  9:00 – 19:00; Fri – Sat 9:00 – 21:00; Public Holidays  9:00 – 21:00 (last admission is 90 minutes prior to closing time).
  • Silverstar casino is located 30km from Sandton.
  • Tickets: vary between R100 (children aged 6-17) and R440 (family – 2 adults + 2 kids).
  • Purchase tickets via Webtickets or at the door.
Image courtesy: goodreads

Image courtesy: goodreads

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